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Features You Might See In iOS 11

As everyone knows, the beta version of the iOS 10 has already been launched. People are quite excited about this new version of the OS. But as usual, critics and tech gurus are busy finding its pros and cons. Without the official announcement for the launch of iOS 11, our people have already listed out the new features which would be seen in iOS 11.


But other than rumours, one thing is for sure. This arrival of iOS 11 could spell bad for all those people who are running 32-bit iPhones. This is because Apple seems to stop supporting 32-bit applications insite new iOS 11 altogether, which means those who are using anything older than iPhone 5s will not be able to download the software.

As per the reports, “Apps that are not updated to support 64-bit are likely be culled from the App Store.  Last year, the company had pledged to remove apps that were orphaned, outdated, no longer met guidelines, or were in some way borked if they remained as was after 7 September.”

Apart from this, there is huge list of features of iOS 11 that are being rumoured round the world.

Improved Maps Using Drone Data

Apple is planning to use use drone to improve its maps service. Along with street level data, Apple wants to improve indoor mapping as well.

Snapchat-like Video Sharing App

Apple seems to be planning to seek the popularity of social networks like Instagram and Snapchat with a new social media app that lets users to share pictures, videos etc. This new app is predicted to be a video sharing and editing application and is testing new related features for its iPhone and iPad operating systems.

More Natural Sounding Siri

With every version, Apple is trying to improve itself by updating Siri. There is a huge Siri update which can be seen in  iOS 11. This update feature of Siri would be more natural sounding voice.

Other than this there is a huge list of features that are predicted in iOS 11. This list of features goes as follows:

Contact Availability Status

  • Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience
  • More secure Apple Pay
  • Introduction of the Doze-Mode
  • Switching Quick Settings
  • Reply Directly from the Notifications
  • Finger-detecting dynamic keyboard
  • Dark Mode
  • Slide to unlock
  • Multi-user FaceTime calls

But as we all know, all these are mere predictions. So let us wait for Apple itself to reveal about its new features of iOS 11.