Tips for the Best Mobile Friendly Website Development

In the last few years, mobile has taken over as the primary device that people use for accessing the internet. This implies that the desktop is no longer the only device that finds itself in the minds of the website developers. In the present, Google’s algorithms are encouraging the developers to think more about the mobile rather than the desktop. However, there exists a barrier of knowledge among the developers regarding the creation of mobile-friendly websites. What should be done first? Since developing mobile friendly websites is not just about cross-browser but about cross-platform as well, the knowledge required to do the development should be complete.

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In this article, we have clubbed some of the best tips that can enable the developers to perform mobile friendly website development in the most effective manner.

1. Responsive Design is All You Need

The responsive designs allow the web developers to create a site that can be easily accessed and viewed across various devices. This saves a lot of time of the developers as they don’t have to create different designs for different devices. The responsive designs make use of flexible images, layouts, and media queries. When used on a website, the web page will automatically detect the screen’s size of the device that the user is currently using and will ultimately change the layout and orientation of the website accordingly. You might want to hire dedicated developers for your responsive website with the skill sets that meet your requirements.

2. Take Care of Font Size

When it comes to mobile devices, the size of the buttons as well as the font matters a lot. For all those unaware of this, the font size should be 14 pixels. You might think this a big size but this will save your users from zooming in the website so as to make the text easily visible. For labels and forms you can chose 12-pixel size for the font. As far as the buttons are concerned, the bigger they are, the better it is for you. Following these points will help you in increasing the customer engagement and eventually the conversion rates.

3. Include Images of High Resolution

Similar to Instagram, images play a crucial role in deciding the fate of your website so as to make sure that the user experience is always the best. Having good quality and high-resolution images on your website will save you from facing embarrassed as they will not pixelate or get blurry when viewed on the retina-quality screens. For instance, all the latest models of the iOS devices have HD screens which require the image to be of a resolution that’s twice the resolution of the desktop. Hire dedicated developers that understand the field of resolutions and practice the best technology for preeminent output.

4. Deploy Videos

If you embed a lot of videos on your website, the manner in which they will be viewed by your website users will be very different than the desktop and at times can get really difficult. For combating this issue, the best way is to make use of YouTube Videos. This is because the YouTube videos are already optimized and therefore when embedded on your website, they can be easily viewed by your website viewers.

5. Testing, Testing and More Testing

Your mobile friendly website development does not end once the website is created. It is crucial for you to test the website from time to time and ensure that there are no bugs coming up in your website. This way, you will make the user experience much better and intuitive.

We hope, that the above-mentioned tips will surely help you in creating a great website for your users.

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Take Your Business To The Next Level by Mobile Apps

With increase in the number of mobile users, the users started to opt varieties for required services. Such diverted scenario enforces business of all sizes and capacity to develop their apps for android and iOS smartphones to reach their customers faster and for the online presence of their business. Mobile Apps act as a platform between users and business. In the near future, the scenario will drastically change that it will be really necessary for each and every business to have an online presence.

Android and iPhone App development in the last few years came up with multiple apps for various fields. The crowd along with smartphones now prefers tablets or iPads for advanced functionalities. This rage has increased because iPads and tablets provide almost similar functionalities like laptops, palmtops and desktops.

Statistics of 2015 -16 for mobile apps will roll your eyeballs  

In 2009, Google play store was having only 2,300 apps which has tremendously increased by 2015. In 2016, statistics has more than 1.90 million apps which is increasing day-by-day. It is reported that over 125 applications have been downloaded at least one hundred million times and over 1,788 apps have been downloaded at least ten million times.

In 2008, App store was having only 500 apps which has sustainably rise by 2015,  to 1.4 million with more than 100 billion downloads of apps where more than 62K downloads per day. The rage is increasing everyday. As of June 2015, the App Store had 1.4 million apps and more than 75 billion copies of apps had been downloaded until June 2014.

Prevailing trends of app for business

Nowadays, most businesses provide users with unique textual and visual content. Such Android and iOS apps automate and streamline the online ordering process to reduce manpower and the cost associated with it. Businesses could also cash in with relevant ads and app purchases to increase revenue.

On the basis of requirements it is necessary to develop separate apps for tablets and iPads to have additional functionality. As tablets and iPads are big screen gadgets,it needs individual effects and features.

Categories of Applications

All the mobile applications for Android or iPhone are grouped in the particular fields so that they can be identified easily. Mobile apps are distinguished on the basis of their provided facilities. Below is listed the categories of apps defined on basis of apps intended purpose:

  1. Personal Assistants
  2. GPS-powered Guides
  3. Rallying Areas
  4. Multimedia Tools
  5. Proprietary Solutions
  6. Branding Solutions
  7. Split-Second Mailmen
  8. m-Marketplaces
  9. Time Wasters
  10. On demand
  11. Games
  12. m-Educators
  13. All-in-one (containing multiple functionality)

LetsNurture caters you with the outstanding category options for your Android or iPhone based apps. Team of nurturers have also been actively engaged in developing Gaming apps, Health & Fitness Apps, E-commerce Apps, Education Apps, Entertainment & Media Apps, iBeacon and BLE powered Apps among others and much more.


Rage of App Marketing and ASO

Looking to the statistics and rage of mobile apps, App Marketing is very important to stand unique amongst multiple apps. ASO (App Store Optimization) is one of the app marketing technique which helps users to find your app faster. LetsNurture not only develops the apps, but also do app marketing to enhance your users. App Marketing service is provided as per your demands.

Final Verdict

Having an app or website for your business will give your business real as well as virtual presence. To drag more users towards your services, proper SEO, ASO and app marketing is simultaneously also mandatory.

The Guide to hire dedicated PHP Developers

There are numerous coding languages to turn to while you think website development or web application. However, PHP is the top choice of most of the businesses that plan to develop their website. Once you have decided over the platform,the question would be to hire dedicated PHP developers.

Many technology niche have their primary or secondary language as PHP. Few of the examples are Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr and WordPress.

                                      Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

For such a top programming language, you, as a business owner, can’t give your projects in the hands of any incompetent developer. It should be handled by an expert and certified PHP developer. There are few factors to keep in mind while you opt to hire dedicated PHP developers.


The foremost thing that you look for in a developer is experience. While planning to hire dedicated PHP developers for your website development project, it is recommended to check out the total years of experience along with their expertise. It is crucial to do so because only a thorough professionals who is well versed in multiple programming languages, platforms, databases and frameworks can rightfully handle any type of challenging situation that crops up during web development.

A fact to take care while you hire dedicated PHP developers is that the ones that belong to IT service and solutions company are more dedicated than the freelance developers.


Quality Assurance plays a vital role for any development firm. Along with hiring PHP developers, quality should also be tried and tested.

The developers should at least be able to review and test the functionality they have developed, before handing over to the QA team. This saves you a lot of time and amends the skills of an expert PHP developer.

Communication Skills

It is important to get the person with good communication skills on board as it is important for both the developers and the business to understand the requirements in a righteous manner. If you are planning to opt for offshore web development company, it is important to have a conversation over phone to understand their interpersonal skills.

Hiring PHP developers who are savvy with the communication is a plus point in offshore website development.

Strategizing a standard approach

While hiring dedicated PHP developers from a web development company, checking if they follow an ethical, organized and standard approach with project management is very important. Using tools like Jira, Gitlab, Trello so that the tasks can be properly viewed, managed and updated across the team would be something you should look for.

During the development process, the developers should keep updating the project status. Moreover, they should be readily available whenever you need to have a conversation regarding the progress, the future aspects or any last-minute changes to be implemented.

Cost to hire dedicated PHP developers

The question that emerges in anyone’s mind while hiring PHP developers is ‘would they be cost effective?’. When you opt of hiring dedicated developers from a company, you doubt on the pricing modules and get second thoughts on the same. You should always be clear with your requirements to avoid the hassle of hidden costs.

The cost, however, depends on you requirements. But for a hiring model, the web development company would have their own rates. If they seem to be over-prices, check their portfolio, their previous works and their business model. If it justifies the cost, you have knocked the right door.

Get in touch to hire dedicated PHP developers

These factors would help you define a process to hire dedicated developers. At LetsNurture, we have highly qualified and certified PHP developers, who have delivered successful web development projects loved by clients and their customers.

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iOS 10 development

As everyone knows, the beta version of the iOS 10 has already been launched. People are quite excited about this new version of the OS. But as usual, critics and tech gurus are busy finding its pros and cons. Without the official announcement for the launch of iOS 11, our people have already listed out the new features which would be seen in iOS 11.


But other than rumours, one thing is for sure. This arrival of iOS 11 could spell bad for all those people who are running 32-bit iPhones. This is because Apple seems to stop supporting 32-bit applications insite new iOS 11 altogether, which means those who are using anything older than iPhone 5s will not be able to download the software.

As per the reports, “Apps that are not updated to support 64-bit are likely be culled from the App Store.  Last year, the company had pledged to remove apps that were orphaned, outdated, no longer met guidelines, or were in some way borked if they remained as was after 7 September.”

Apart from this, there is huge list of features of iOS 11 that are being rumoured round the world.

Improved Maps Using Drone Data

Apple is planning to use use drone to improve its maps service. Along with street level data, Apple wants to improve indoor mapping as well.

Snapchat-like Video Sharing App

Apple seems to be planning to seek the popularity of social networks like Instagram and Snapchat with a new social media app that lets users to share pictures, videos etc. This new app is predicted to be a video sharing and editing application and is testing new related features for its iPhone and iPad operating systems.

More Natural Sounding Siri

With every version, Apple is trying to improve itself by updating Siri. There is a huge Siri update which can be seen in  iOS 11. This update feature of Siri would be more natural sounding voice.

Other than this there is a huge list of features that are predicted in iOS 11. This list of features goes as follows:

Contact Availability Status

  • Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience
  • More secure Apple Pay
  • Introduction of the Doze-Mode
  • Switching Quick Settings
  • Reply Directly from the Notifications
  • Finger-detecting dynamic keyboard
  • Dark Mode
  • Slide to unlock
  • Multi-user FaceTime calls

But as we all know, all these are mere predictions. So let us wait for Apple itself to reveal about its new features of iOS 11.