iBeacon App Development is Revolutionizing The Tech Trends in Australia

Isn’t it fascinating that you can get a circumstantial information about each customer and their area of interest? Owing a supermarket in a throng area in any city or state of Australia? Then LetsNurture’s iBeacon App Development team might help you increasing your profit at an exponential rate. It will not only save your time for estimating the the products that you need to order in more/less quantity, but will also give you the precision regarding the same.

iBeacon App Development

A reputed iBeacon App Development company like LetsNurture uses proximity based solutions which allow business to collect highly precised data. These proximity based solutions make the use of the bluetooth protocols. Now, taking the same example of supermarket in Australia, if beacons are installed for each department, it can help the owner to collect all the data about all the users imparting the information like which user has visited which department at what time, which products are being consumed more etc. As a business person, one definitely want to woo more and more customers and promote their brand.

Talking about the beacon, it is a piece of hardware whose size varies based on the range and the battery size.Not larger than a cheese cube, it transmits a Low Energy Signals with Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. It has a range of sending signals up to 400 meters. Smartphone with an app can receive this signal as well as can trigger action accordingly.

For example, if you have iBeacon App developed, then just append the Beacon device with any of your important belongings say a bag, and get notified when your bag goes out of the range specified in the app. Not only this, you will get the notification when it comes within range of your app.

LetsNurture, a reputed IT service provider, has an experience of crafting amazing ibeacon apps for retailers, entrepreneurs, institutes and other industries in Australia. Apart from the fantastic iBeacon app development company, we also provide our own beacons. Our iBeacon app development provides numerous utilities to the clients. In whatever state you are based in whole of Australia, our developers make sure we deliver the best iBeacon app to you.

Reasons for using iBeacon App :-

  • Accuracy – Since iBeacon is a proximity technology, it is extremely accurate indoors. When a device senses an iBeacon in close range via Bluetooth, actions can be immediately taken on the device – without relying on satellite connectivity which subject to atmospheric and building penetration issues.
  • Privacy – Because iBeacons are not tracking users everywhere they go, and rather simply logging when they come into range of an iBeacon, users can feel confident that their privacy is preserved and that it is not tracking them when they leave work or school.
  • Integration – iBeacon is a native Apple technology, so it integrates seamlessly and scales effortlessly with your Apple ecosystem.
  • Affordability – Because even an iPad can be configured as an iBeacon (via a number of free apps), the technology is affordable, accessible, and scalable.
  • Usability – iBeacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology, so there’s very little impact to the users device and battery life. And since it’s built into the operating system natively, it just works.

How LetsNurture can help?

LetsNurture has extensive experience in iBeacon App Development. You can visit our website and get your own customized iBeacon app from any part of Australia. Why not request a quote of your iBeacon app today itself? If you have any queries regarding our iBeacon app development, then do write us at  http://www.letsnurture.com/get-a-quote.html


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