Tips for the Best Mobile Friendly Website Development

In the last few years, mobile has taken over as the primary device that people use for accessing the internet. This implies that the desktop is no longer the only device that finds itself in the minds of the website developers. In the present, Google’s algorithms are encouraging the developers to think more about the mobile rather than the desktop. However, there exists a barrier of knowledge among the developers regarding the creation of mobile-friendly websites. What should be done first? Since developing mobile friendly websites is not just about cross-browser but about cross-platform as well, the knowledge required to do the development should be complete.

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In this article, we have clubbed some of the best tips that can enable the developers to perform mobile friendly website development in the most effective manner.

1. Responsive Design is All You Need

The responsive designs allow the web developers to create a site that can be easily accessed and viewed across various devices. This saves a lot of time of the developers as they don’t have to create different designs for different devices. The responsive designs make use of flexible images, layouts, and media queries. When used on a website, the web page will automatically detect the screen’s size of the device that the user is currently using and will ultimately change the layout and orientation of the website accordingly. You might want to hire dedicated developers for your responsive website with the skill sets that meet your requirements.

2. Take Care of Font Size

When it comes to mobile devices, the size of the buttons as well as the font matters a lot. For all those unaware of this, the font size should be 14 pixels. You might think this a big size but this will save your users from zooming in the website so as to make the text easily visible. For labels and forms you can chose 12-pixel size for the font. As far as the buttons are concerned, the bigger they are, the better it is for you. Following these points will help you in increasing the customer engagement and eventually the conversion rates.

3. Include Images of High Resolution

Similar to Instagram, images play a crucial role in deciding the fate of your website so as to make sure that the user experience is always the best. Having good quality and high-resolution images on your website will save you from facing embarrassed as they will not pixelate or get blurry when viewed on the retina-quality screens. For instance, all the latest models of the iOS devices have HD screens which require the image to be of a resolution that’s twice the resolution of the desktop. Hire dedicated developers that understand the field of resolutions and practice the best technology for preeminent output.

4. Deploy Videos

If you embed a lot of videos on your website, the manner in which they will be viewed by your website users will be very different than the desktop and at times can get really difficult. For combating this issue, the best way is to make use of YouTube Videos. This is because the YouTube videos are already optimized and therefore when embedded on your website, they can be easily viewed by your website viewers.

5. Testing, Testing and More Testing

Your mobile friendly website development does not end once the website is created. It is crucial for you to test the website from time to time and ensure that there are no bugs coming up in your website. This way, you will make the user experience much better and intuitive.

We hope, that the above-mentioned tips will surely help you in creating a great website for your users.

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