Considerations to Hire Android App Developer

Android is one of the fastest growing mobile OS and the trend of Android is yet to stay. Android has taken the mobile app development industry by storm holding itself as an  undisputed market leader. Statistics states that the number of android users have crossed 1.5 billion in 2016. Android alone accounted for about 85% of all smartphone sales to the end users across the world. Moreover, there are over  4000 different Android devices and more than 400 Android device manufacturers. All these numbers indicate the existence of a massive user base for Android applications.


And with this statistics android app development is getting popular among IT services owing to its wide range of offering open source philosophy. No matter if it is  gaming application or social networking apps or e commerce application or data management app, android has given outstanding results in all domains. There is a high demand of new android apps are  propelled by dependency on Smartphone in our daily life.

Hence, it has become crucial to hire android app developer that delivers bespoke robust app for an enterprise planning to build an Android mobile app. Making use of latest app trends helps developers to perform well and give the uniqueness to stand out for your app. Developing an android app or to hire android app developer is quide daunting task and needs a lot of research. And currently there are many mobile app development companies, but only few have the potential to shape up your dreams into reality.

Before you hire android app developer, following are some necessary skill to consider:

1. Business Analysis

It is a matter of fact that anyone would like to hire a developer who is interested in knowing your business objective, insights about the industry and the customers you are working with. Always look into the hiring process until you find the right developer who spends time in analysing the business needs and goals. If the android developer is aware of your goals, it will help to stay focused during the entire development cycle. Developing an app is not only limited to the coding capabilities; the developer should be well versed with the entire concept that is related to the business.

2. Experience

Hiring a talented android app developer, must have a strong experience. The developed by the developer must be easy to navigate, should look clean and elegant and make sure it has been implemented with all latest tools and technologies. Hire android app developer who is well-versed with different types of android apps for most platforms.

3. Quality Focused

Quality matters the most. And the companies always value high-quality code as it is the key factor in the success of any great application having greater UX. Hire android app developer with proven expertise that delivers the world-class and feature – rich app functioning flawlessly and helps clients considerably. And only expert developers can complete the tasks easily with  minimal efforts and good quality.

4. Affordable Rates

It is always worthy to hire android app developers having capability of delivering the mobile app solutions with complete turnaround time strictly following the deadlines. Many companies are looking for the low rates, but it does not go for a long run. Always hire dedicated developer yielding quality results at affordable rates.It is the key factor for driving the growth of your business. Since app development company provide best quality works, you can hire developers at competitive cost.

5. Coding Standards

Obviously everyone has their own coding style. The coding standards vary among developers. They can write the same code in 10 lines of code or with 3 lines of code. However, it is always recommended to prefer the code that looks clean and strictly follows the coding standards. Moreover, the code must be structured, clean and consistent with the guidelines and comments and wrapping up all it should be reusable.  

6. Knowledge skills about Open-source platform

Android is an open source platform, and Android developers should have a skills of these open source platforms and has widely used tools. So, always look for the developers who are familiar with the open source libraries. However, developers should have a high level of talents in developing since the smartphones comes up with different screen size, and resolutions.

7. Communication

It is obvious for your android developer to stay in touch with you and give you the status updates at the time of development process. And in an agile mobile app development, open communication builds transparency between you and the developer. This yields better results.


 Hiring professional android developers can shape up ideas into the reality for both the clients and the industry. Hereby, adhering the above considerations to hire android app developer, you can get technical competent android application.

The trend of android is yet to stay and in this huge rise of mobile world, having an android app developed for any industry is the golden chance to tap into the best ROI. Make most of the android app with reliable developers and maximize your reach to the customers. Hire android app developer to save your time and money in the long run summing up all your needs with the desired app!

If you are need of android app development, the team of skilled developers at LetsNurture has catered many interactive apps for different domains like Pharmaceutical, real estate, travel/taxi booking, geofencing, health apps, social networking, wearable apps as well as TV apps.

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