Emerging Trends for eCommerce Website Design in 2017

Mobile websites is always a fascinating idea when compared to simple desktop websites. 2016 was the year of material design and responsive design for eCommerce websites. In 2017, eCommerce websites will really be mobile websites.


Designers round the world are found making predictions on which eCommerce design is going to rule this year. Such predictions of the future designs is really a challenging task for any web designer. The pace at which the technology is growing, it won’t be wrong to say that the trend that is popular today might be outdated tomorrow. No one knows what is going to rule and for how long it is gonna sustain?  

1) More mobile responsive design

Gone are the days when eCommerce websites were used to designed by keeping desktops in mind. Then the designs were made responsive and that can be adapted to smaller mobile devices. Now the trend has completely changed. As more people are opting for online purchases through their mobile devices, designers have begun thinking the sites in its mobile form first. Meaning that the websites will be designed first for the mobile devices and then made responsive and adaptive to the larger devices including the tablets and the desktops. Designs that are responsive to the mobile can be said to include large images, buttons and icons, hidden menu bars, use of full width of screen and many more.

2) Images, lots of images

To attract anyone’s attention, proper images and videos are the best way. Almost 92.6% of the people feel that the visuals are the most influential factor that can  affect the purchase decision. What customers look for in the site, especially in eCommerce sites is the hell lot of images of the products that interests them. It is also noticed that too much of text content in your website can drive your customers away.

3) Material Design’s Influence Grows

Material Design motif was first released by Google in 2014, on Android devices. Since then, its popularity has increased rapidly.It was an initiative by Google to influence how Android applications and interfaces should look like and behave. Material Design features like card-like layouts and responsive animations and transitions etc have already been adopted by many online stores in their eCommerce websites. This popularity is surely going to be continued in 2017 as well.

4) Long scrolls with lazy loading

Long page scroll designs are expected to rule in 2017. It makes sense to create pages pages that scroll to great lengths, loading objects as they are needed. So, you may able to see more products in a single page view.

5) Rich animations and cinemagraphs and the Return of the GIF

The animated GIF images is something that is being expected to make a comeback in 2017. To give your customers an unforgettable user experience, then animations and cinemagraphs can be the great way to do that.Cinemagraphs may appear as background images, category headers, home page banners, and even product images. Time will tell if cinemagraphs boost engagement and conversions or if they are just a fad.

6) Hand drawn elements

We are likely to see hand drawn elements in eCommerce websites in 2017. This can be better way for conveying originality as well as giving your customer individual note about your brand.  It also makes the brand unforgettable. Design different and be different with unique hand drawn elements.

7) Advanced Adaptation and Bright Colors

In 2017, you can expect the explosion of more bright colors. eCommerce sites will focus more on audience demographics. The colors can be set matching the preferences of the specific age of group of people frequently visiting their sites. So, brace yourself, lots of bright colors are on their way!

How LetsNurture can help you?

If you are planning to build an eCommerce website for your business or want to redesign your existing one, LetsNurture can help you. Our team of highly skilled designers always stays updated and follows the latest design trends to deliver your mind blowing, customized eCommerce websites. Ping us and  receive a free quote for the same.


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