Google Starts Initial Live Testing Of Android Instant Apps

An obvious thing to do to use any app is to first ‘download’ it. But Google has come up with something more exciting and flexible for all users. At the last year’s I/O developer conference 2016, Google previewed Android’s “Instant Apps”, a project that would allow users to effectively “stream” applications via partial code downloads. This means that now one can use an app even without downloading and installing the application on your mobile phone.


So, just like you load a web page, i.e. without any kind of initial installation process, you can run an app on a mobile device right away. We can say that, Instant Apps helps to blur the line between websites and apps that you need to download, potentially shaking up the mobile web experience. All we need to do is just tap on a URL to open the app even if the app is not installed on your mobile phone. For example, during the presentation it was shown how tapping a Buzzfeed video link would play the content in the Buzzfeed app, only downloading the parts required for video playback. But one should avoid to get it confused with the streaming apps functionality which is introduced by Google in 2015. This initiative would help users discover and run their apps with minimal friction. The concept behind the instant apps is such that the app is divided in a number of module so that only the relevant components get downloaded and executed, allowing the user to accomplish their task in fewer taps and with better UX which any polished application can offer.

The Instant Apps are available today in a “limited test” and includes BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope and Viki. Google also said it is working with partners and developers like BuzzFeed, B&H, Medium, Hotel Tonight, Zumper and Disney. After the collection of user feedback and developer experiences, Google has said that it is planning to expand this experience to more apps and more users. The functionality is available all the way back to Android Jellybean, thanks to being a component of Google Play Services.

For all the Android App developers around the world, Google has laid out some important steps which will help all the developers to get ready for Instant Apps. The full Software Development Kit (SDK) will also be available for the same in the coming months.

How to develop an Instant App?

After being aware about the concept of Instant Apps, all the techies would be having this particular question in their mind. To develop an Instant App, one needs to update their existing Android App to take this advantage of Instant Apps functionality and then modularize the app such that parts of it can be downloaded and run on-the-fly. We can use the same Android APIs and Android Studio project. From the day Instant Apps have been released, there has already been a tremendous amount of interest in the Instant Apps from millions of developers around the world.

Where to get your Instant Apps developed?

Want to get your Instant App developed without resources? LetsNurture is your one stop solution for developing your customized Instant App. Here, we have in-house expertise in Android App Development who can help you reduce your worries for Instant App development. You can also ask for a free quote for the same.


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