Top 5 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

WordPress has revolutionise the eCommerce world. Its flexible interface has and it’s compatibility of customization has allowed the platforms to set the standards for storefronts, purchasable downloads and the sale of all contents.

The platform offer multiple extra features that are implemented with its huge library of plugins that includes hundreds tailored specifically for eCommerce. Developers can use these plugins to develop and tailor their site according to the needs and requirements of their business.


There are many platforms for eCommerce to choose, this task becomes disconcerting in your hunt for developing a storefront that meet your needs. Here are comprehensive list of top 5 WordPress plugins for your eCommerce development for your benefits.


  • WooCommerce


WooCommerce is powerful and extensible plugin that allows the businesses to carry out safe and secure transactions online. It is one of the best eCommerce solution that gives the complete control to store owners and developers. It is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress.

There are multiple extensions and themes for Woo, that ensures that plugin is functionally and aesthetically compatible with your brand. It also provides physical and digital sales options, this make compatible for any type of services.

One of the best advantage of using Woo is that it proves to something of a weakness, ironically though. The surpassing amount of customisation available on the services means that many a times it feels as if there are too many options, that are certainly alarming for new users and businesses.

Woo makes convenient for the one who has easy grips with the eCommerce plugins and are not be put off by the choices at hand.


  • iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is an eCommerce solution that makes easy to get your store up and runs quickly making the process simple. It supports both digital and physical goods that makes the versatile option when you consider an eCommerce solution for WordPress.

This plugin offers the functionality to sell memberships and subscriptions based services, this makes iThemes stand out of the crowd. Even the installed wizard has an intuitive setup that allows you to customise how exactly you want to sell products and how you manage the transactions from the start.

Moreover, iThemes is said to be much younger service than others in the list and thus the plugin has a smaller community. Since, user base lacks a long history of overcoming certain problems, troubleshooting becomes somewhat troublesome.

This plugin is ideal for anyone who is seeking to sell memberships and subscriptions and as the time flies on the service and community is almost certain to expand.


  • Shopify

Shopify is an independent service, as well as fast growing eCommerce solution and is easily integrable with WordPress. This even works to its advantage, since the platform is ran by Shopify they handle the technical aspects of the complete process making easy for you to focus on selling products.

Shopify has inventory management system that allows users to monitor the availability of individual items, and then track with the order tracking software. Moreover, Shopify allows eCommerce and face-to-face payments.

Unfortunately, Shopify requires monthly fee for its use, since it is not free. The system fairly signifies that if you need to introduce additional features or update it anyway then it requires additional fee on the top of the monthly subscription.

While shopify is is bit costly than other offerings that are available to you, it’s ease of access and simplicity makes ideal for startups. The simplistic installation may be worth the fees you use for the entire sales. In short, it is simple to use, beautiful, powerful eCommerce plugin is all you need to start making money on WordPress today.


  • Shopp


Shopp is similar to others and allows different types of transactions that includes digital, physical and even virtual purchases. The unique selling point for Shopp is that the developers make the conscious effort to use different tables in the database that improves the overall experience and performance of the plugin and the site as a whole.

However, this plugin has limited to offer in the terms of variety. The limited availability of themes means that the plugins may not migrate with your site’s aesthetic as intelligently as you like. If branding is the key to you, Shopp may be one of the best choice to go along.

It do have an extended support structure if you are facing the trouble, but unfortunately the service comes at a cost. That is true, there is no free forum for Shopp, so if you are facing troublesome in getting to grips with the plugin the you are expected to pay a little in order to have your issues solved.


  • Easy Digital Downloads


As the name reveals Easy Digital Downloads is for digital downloads. Since, it is not particularly useful for anyone who are looking to sell goods, the fact is it is developed for digital makes it ideal for tha5t purpose.

It offers excellent customers support with multiple variations and optimizations options it’s relatively easy to discover how to utilize the plugin to perform tasks you need for. The plugin has an active community with number of well documented methods regarding installation and modifications readily available.

However, where digital downloads fails, there is lack of support for physical goods based transactions, the plugin also lacks the ability to sell external products like affiliate scheme. It you want to add any of these services you need third party support. However for the first party digital downloads and other services do not come better than this.


Having a speedier site is definitely a good thing, it just depends whether the plugin is right for you. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us.

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