IoT Revolutionising The Lifestyle

People nowadays want to be connected with friends, family, phone, car and even home. Security is feature that an individual always strives for. Connecting securely to the daily objects is what IoT solutions are in demand for. Internet of things, popularly know as IoT is a solution that pushing the world towards becoming smarter day-by-day. According to Gartner, nearly 22 Billion things will be connected by 2020 by implementing IoT solutions.


IoT solutions has uplifted numerous industry verticals. Let’s find out how mobile applications along with IoT solutions have changed our movement towards the digital era.

IoT solutions for Smart Homes

Nowadays mobile app development companies also engage themselves in Smarthome App Development to furnish home automation solutions. It allows the smartphone users to control through the device all the possible digital electronics equipment inside their home that features home automation attributes.

Smart home’s refrigerator, for example, may be able to catalogue its contents, suggest menus, recommend healthy alternatives, and order replacements as food is used up. Smart home may also control home utilities such as lighting, temperature, multimedia, security, window and door operations, and other functions.

  • By providing security features to your customers, you gain the trust of your audience.
  • The means of comfort provided by the products you serve your customers will help you gain a word-of-mouth popularity.
  • By saving energy, ultimately you contribute towards a better living.
  • Cost optimization is always a feature that an individual is looking for. Also, providing your customers money-saving solutions will help you achieve a better audience prospectus.

IoT solutions for connected cars

The Internet of Things is breaking fresh ground for car manufacturers by introducing entirely new layers to the traditional concept of a car. This connected car concept is a revolutionary way for individuals to drive safely and stay in touch with the world around at the same time.

  • This innovative IoT solution can help the fleet owners and the management of the logistics companies to track their vehicles and to monitor their vehicles remotely.
  • Connected car concept can revolutionize the way the government runs the public transport.
  • IoT solutions along with mobile application, can help the school management to assure the parents the safety of their child by real-time monitoring of the buses.

IoT solutions for Smart Agriculture

The farming industry will become arguably more important than ever before in the next few decades. And indulging technology in farming will make it look more smarter. The internet of things has opened up extremely productive ways to cultivate and monitor agriculture process. This innovation adaptation of IoT & use of mobile applications into farming will increase the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of the agricultural production.

  • The farmers can remotely monitor their equipment, crops, and livestock.
  • They can even use this technology to run statistical predictions for their crops and livestock.
  • Ability to perform real-time diagnostics of the health of the crops & livestock.
  • The farmers gain a round the clock visibility into the health of their field by monitoring the the soil and crop along with the storage conditions, livestock maintenance and energy consumption.

At LetsNurture, we provide IoT solutions and latest technology offerings including Raspberry PI Solutions and also Wearable App Development. With many organizations willing to adopt IoT to revolutionize their enterprises, the cutting edge technology is expected to get more acceptance in the years to come.

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