Android App Development – Rising Trend in Mobile Industry

Android is most popular innovation of Google and well known platform for mobile application development. It is easy and accompanies easy access too easy to get a grip and the adaptability has made android the top choice. It has simple to use capacities and features, that even a startups can find it easy without any stress of the components of advanced mobile phone. Android being an inventive OS framework is giving new wings to the development companies from different spaces to get their android apps developed.


Android is one of the most popular software tools for mobile app development companies nowadays. According to recent survey, Google is activating more than 700,000 smartphones and tablet on the daily basis, so that we can visualize huge demand of android OS in the market. More than 400K android applications are available today in the android marketplace and the most attracting things are that millions of apps are available free. Android posses a strong hold in the market and if it continues to be flourishing and the day is not far when the apple would be left behind android.

Android offers number of advantages for the app developers. Android is an open source and is easy to handle features, this gives android app developers a unique experience to work with. Android, being an open source platform gives an ease to android programmers to develop and modify android apps. Android OS is flexible to use and it is based on Linux kernel and can be written in many languages, frameworks that includes xml, java/Ajax, C, C++ etc. It is easy for the developers who have experience in working with C and C++.

The android application development was first introduced in 2008 and in these few months it has started to give tough competition to a huge smartphone manufacturer Apple. More and more smart phone and tablet manufacturers are developing smartphones and tablets using android operating system. Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC are some of the manufacturing companies, having chosen android as the preferred Operating system to build new devices.

Android application development is one of the rising and growing trend in the industry of mobile. App development business can be proved to be quite profitable. If you have any idea for the app development and you think that it really flourishes the market, then one must go for the android app development as Google allows to upload their application on android market for free. If you are in need to hire android app development company, LetsNurture has an exposure for developing android application for the varied industry verticals. So there is a great opportunity for you to earn from this growing industry.

At, LetsNurture we have a team of in-house experts for android and mobile app development for all major platforms. You can cater all your technological requirements. Moreover we even provide exclusive solutions to our clients. If you have similar requirements, feel free to get a quote from our experts.


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