Mobile Apps That Caters Multiple Professions

The vast majority of these administration applications let you to convey and book administrations of these experts. New to the business sector, a handyman for instance could utilize Mobile App For Plumber to enroll, make profile, tick administrations it gives, and to view customer warnings. Then again, client could utilize the application to discover handymen in their general vicinity, pass on their repair need, contact handyman and to give input.

Now Build Websites And Mobile Apps That Caters Multiple Professions

Many professional services are now proceeding towards mobile and web development companies to get an online presence. Professional electricians, plumbers, carpenters, dentists, lawyers and handymen are now accessible to customers on their smartphones, PDAs and desktops.

Most of these service apps let you to communicate and book services of these professionals. New to the market, a plumber for example could use Mobile App For Plumber to register, create profile, tick services it provides, and to view client notifications. On the other hand, customer could use the app to find plumbers in their area, convey their repair need, contact plumber and to provide feedback.


Likewise there are several other apps and websites that brings on to the table both customers and the professionals, to seek and provide solutions in a fast, convenient and yet cost effective manner. Our team at LetsNurture has been striving to fill the gap between the customers and the professionals by developing apps and websites that fulfills the needs of both. Given below is the list of some of mobile and web platforms that caters to the need of professionals:

App For Electricians: It lets your customers to seek solutions for electrical repairing, house rewiring, fuse upgrade and electrical appliance installation. With one-time sign up, the users could access all kinds of residential and commercial electrical troubleshooting, installations and repairing. App also lets you to pre book an order or a service, access electrician profile, get push notification, select the type of repair, and rate the quality of workmanship.

Web Development for Plumber: This versatile app lets the customers/users to create their profile and allow them to check current and previous bookings. Users could also submit their problem in detail and the time when the plumber should visit. Plumber could register, create profile, tick services they render, and view client notifications. Through the App for Plumbers Customers could use the app to find plumbers in their respective area, convey their repair need, contact plumber and gives feedback.

Website Development for Dentist: These website provides a platform to the user to keep a check on their oral health. It allows them to book appointments, get notifications and tips, access the library of information, chat and connect with dentists, share dental images and x-rays, order medicines and carry out other tasks and activities online.

Web Development for Lawyers:  It acts as a source that lets the lawyer to connect with their prospective clients, showcase their services, share in brief informative case histories, and win trust of their clients with videos reviews and testimonials.

To know more visit our extensive product and service portfolio on our website or simply drop us an email to as per requirement on and let’s connect.


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