Benefits And Features Of Raspberry Pi Solution

Today, when everything is getting smart not just your mobile, LetsNurture’s decision to step into this vast and unknown field has come as a surprise to many. They have already started working on IoT based Remote Surveillance Solution in which they are making a robotic device that is fitted with cameras, motion sensors and Raspberry Pi Solution board to run the device.


Another technology that they are working on is IoT based solution for Agriculture, which aims to support all types planting arenas be it large farms or your kitchen garden. It aims to provide help to farmers, plant nursery managers, agriculturists, gardeners and even to small householders who love plants at their home.

It is supposed to a be a small device that will be kept in the plants and will be connected to smartphone app with Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi. The device will take readings from plant like temperature, moisture,etc and display the same on the smartphone with alerts to keep the plants healthy.

Such transforming solutions for Smarthome with Geo Location based app development service will not only ease of many smaller things but will be very influential in ensuring security of the user. “Over the privacy of data we highly support international laws and ensure that no data from the devices or application can be used for commercial purposes, said Mr Ketan.

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