Web Solutions And Mobile App Development Now At Your Fingertips

CMS or Content management system helps institutions and organizations to manage and share the information content by storing them in the central server which is accessible to all the people across organization.


CMS development tools such as WordPress, Joomla and advanced tools like Drupal helps writers, bloggers and the knowledge sharers to compose, edit and share knowledge in the form of articles and blogs with other users of the community. The prime purpose of most CMS system is to share information and knowledge with others.

E-commerce website development on the other hand primarily focus on providing platform that allows buying and selling of goods and services over an electronic medium. Customers could place orders and transfer funds using digital devices such as desktop and smartphones.

Designing an ecommerce website involves a well planned and structured website layout that provides easy navigation, simple design, very well laid out content, and highly secure & stable payment interface. Accepting an online payment entails obtaining a merchant account and accepting bank cards through an online payment gateway.

Websites such as Squarespace and WordPress offer ready to go ecommerce templates. Smaller businesses use virtual banks such as Paypal and Google wallet to accept and manage online payments. Larger ecommerce business, however, must process payment by obtaining unique merchant account that supports business services like authorizenet.

At LetsNurture we furnish large portfolio of custom open source CMS solutions at affordable rates. Our expertise in diverse businesses and industries has been instrumental in winning confidence of several of our existing clients that has showered us repeated business.

Our latest mobile technological offerings also features latest smartphone app solutions in niche areas like CRM, travel and health care development.

While our CRM application development assists organization in streamlining business processes and improving the workflow for organized management, our featured travel app development assists to – plan journey, organize daily travel schedules, provide travel itinerary, tip about the must visit places, allows booking of transport, and auto generates smart maps (it shows up only the places you wish to cover, suggests order of travel, and displays the route map) to help one navigate better.

Our healthcare app development are primarily meant for patients who would want to connect with their primary care physician. The versatile mobile app allows them to share images(of illness or injury), schedule appointment, get notifications, receive e-prescription, order medicines, get health & fitness tips, and watch videos of how specific treatments are carried out.

To know more about our latest technological offerings do visit our website or just send us an email to enquiry@letsnurture.com

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