Technologies That Can Change The Course Of Human Evolution

LetsNurture has been developing different solutions for web and mobile services since party 7 successful years. It has implemented more than 250 projects in carried technologies for different industries.

The recent developments in their portfolio can be attributed to their jinka Joomla Developers. A US based company had hired the joomla developers of LetsNurture for its dedicated project. Such hiring of joomla developers help the companies to get their projects done with most skilled coders while optimizing the overall costs.


LetsNurture has also developed a car rental app for a Russian on demand car service aggregator. The app has a been built for both iOS10 and Android platforms to cater the wide range of audience. The app has integration with both Google and Yandex maps to provide detailed route and location information.

Apart from this app, LetsNurture has developed an educational app catering the needs of students and medical professionals who want to learn about Anatomy App which is for human body. This app has more than 780 anatomies at the user’s ease that are divided into 8 broad topics.

After all these achievements, LetsNurture came up with two new solutions based on Python Development and WebRTC Video Chat. It coded a remote surveillance system that was developed using Python aimed to provide live stream of video using a controlled wheeled robot with an in built camera to provide rich video of the location.

In the above project, WebRTC was used as the basis of live stream of video to the client from the remote location. It executed WebRTC in a healthcare app which supports on-demand doctor services. Having health care service at anywhere in the world is a big convenience to the patients, so LetsNurture aided a normal chat app with WebRTC video chat option which helped doctor directly see the patient and diagnose the problem.

LetsNurture has been striving to provide different solutions that can change the course of human evolution and enhance our lives. Feel free and let us know your requirements today at


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