Integrate advanced features in your web/app to boost customer relationships

“Most of the businesses have their websites or apps to enhance their interaction with customers. A web or an app acts as an interaction platform between users and business. But, this is insufficient as moderate loading speed of the page or communication techniques will affect your business too.”

Users wish to have contents loaded speedily so that they can refer it fast. Mainly on Facebook, person share links to attract more users but due to more time in loading the content users move to another links rather than wasting time. Such marketing techniques require faster loading content pages.

Similarly, venerable communication techniques hinder users. So your app or web need to be develop accordingly that it provides an easy platform for users to communicate. Slow loading content pages and insufficient communication techniques are the major issues in many of the websites and apps.

Are you losing reading due to delay in loading your content pages?

Today, having a website is not enough, you need to have the fastest landing pages that can ensure your marketability. To relief your users from such irritating waits to load the pages get your app or web integrated with Accelerated Mobile Pages or Instant Article Pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

In the fast paced world, all that matters is speed and instant acts. Similar is the with static content pages on the web. Maximum crowd access data through mobile phones. Most of them, will abandon the data even before the page is completed loaded. In such hustle, the bounce rate of the pages taking more than 10 seconds has a major chance to be bounced off or users not preferring it to read.

AMP is innovation due to the slow loading of static content pages. Its rapidness is the compelling factor for the users to engage with the content more often. So, it is mandatory for you to get a website with all pages compatible with AMP or an AMP plugin which works perfectly with your existing website. LetsNurture has developed AMP that performs effectively even at poor internet speed and reduces bounce-off rate of web pages. LetsNurture helps to have AMP plugin with your existing website.

Instant Article Development

Facebook is one of the social media platforms used for marketing and to provide regular updates to the users. Similar to AMP, Facebook came up with the instant article pages to boost the content loading speed. Most of us, prefer facebook app rather than opening facebook on browser. Facebook app through Instant Article development helps the readers to view the entire article with formatting very similar to that on the publisher’s website.

Facebook Instant Articles doesn’t interfere with the advertising revenue. It allows publishers to choose advertisers to get revenue. LetsNurture develops Instant Article for you such that it integrate easily with your existing CMS, so that you can post your article on Facebook with no efforts and get faster loading of that content.

Willing to have advanced features to interact with users?

To interact with the users it is necessary to have a medium where customers get instant and  satisfactory responses for their queries. Also, customers require round the clock communication facilities with advance features. Chatbots and Twilio API integration enhance your communication with users.


Various messaging platforms like ICQ, Yahoo messenger, GTalk, Wechat, Hike messenger, Whatsapp, etc. provides instant and faster communication medium. Facebook has come up with  API of Messenger Chatbots that can help users to do most of the things like ordering, knowing order status, call of action and much more.

Chatbot is the unification of Instant Messaging and Artificial Intelligence technologies. 1800 helpline number is annoying as it has long hold time. Chatbot replaces such helpline numbers. For using chatbots it is necessary to have facebook page/account. Lets nurture helps you to integrate chatbot API. The API is compatible to CMS based website/blog. LetsNurture expertise develops CMS based website in your existing website.


Twilio is a cloud communication platform providing simpler and faster means to interact with clients. With the integration of Twilio API, you can have audio or visual communication with anyone worldwide. The only requirement is both communicators must have integrated Twilio App in their app/website. Twilio also provides authentication messaging feature.

By Twilio API integration into your app/ website, features like notification system, survey and polls, feedback system, activation/deactivation of a service, emergency call, text message authentication, multilanguage support system, toll Free Numbers and much more are available in your app/web which will help you to amplify customer relationships. LetsNurture has integrated Twilio API in many apps and webs.

LetsNurture offers mobile and web solutions for clients spread across different regions of the world. Over the years our unique solutions and timely deliverance has made several existing clients to renew their contracts. To know more, visit our extensive product and service portfolio on our website or contact us at

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