Digital Revolution: Increasing Rage of Mobile Apps

Initially, mobile apps only offered general productivity and information retrieval. Demand of mobile apps increased in the last few years. However, on public demand, availability of developer tools and other necessary resources mobile app development enhance in other categories also. According to the statistics, by 2015, there were more than 1.50 million Android apps and 1.4 million iOS apps and the number is increasing day-by-day.

Sports App-Development.png

With increase in the number of users of smartphones, developing and installing of the mobile apps has also increased. Usage of mobile apps for various purposes has become increasingly prevalent across smartphone users. Mobile apps not only means chatting or gaming apps, that also includes useful apps like healthcare apps, sports app, travel app and much more.

In our busy life, we are able to spare separate hours to maintain our health. Also we don’t get ample of time to spend in front of tv to view sports,news, etc. To maintain our health and get regular updates about sports it is necessary to have mobile apps for them.

Healthcare at your fingertips

In 2014, government regulatory agencies started regulating medical mobile apps. Mobile apps play a vital role within healthcare and with enhanced integration apps yield many more benefits. Healthcare apps are mainly meant for patients to connect with the doctor. Healthcare apps are mainly promoted to help the users to get needed medical suggestions faster.

Healthcare mobile app allows them to share images(of illness or injury), schedule an appointment,  receive e-prescription, order  medicines, get health & fitness tips. Video Chat feature helps patients to have live interaction with the doctors. Through health app, digital medical reports and mobile consulting have been penetrated.

Stay sports updated and connected socially

Sports fans in their busy schedules miss the matches. Specially for the sport fans, Sport apps are developed. Sports app helps them to view the live scores and videos of the matches. Sports app helps them to get regular updates regarding sports. Most of the sports fans are crazy to play the fantasy league.

Fantasy League is the most exciting part of sports app. Many of the sports apps help you to customize the splash screen, brand logo and colors of your brand. It also provides customized tools which allow you to directly interact with your fans.

Watch App Development

Watch app development helps to the access information in distinctly personal and unobstructive way. Watch Apps deliver important, helpful and impactful information in the most faster way to users. With a raise of wrist, you receive and respond to notifications, view essential information at a glance.

Apple watches are designed in a sophisticated and stylish way that it can be used for multiple purposes by developing Apple watch based apps. Apple watch Apps can be integrated with apps for Fitness & Wellness Apps, Apple Pay Apps, Emails / Messaging Apps, Nearby Location Finder Apps, Activity Monitoring Apps, Gesture Based Apps and much more based on your requirements.

Getting the Right App Developer

Integrating the features of healthcare, sports and apple watch apps leads to the most innovative and helpful innovation. For eg. a person competes with the user in the race, walk, etc. and earn points. With that they can play the sports fantasy league. Isn’t this one of the most outstanding way to manage health and play sports? Both can be done through a small & stylish device, Apple Watch.

LetsNurture has expertise from 3G support, Bluetooth / BLE support, flash support, high definition (HD) touch & video encoding to 3D graphics.Over the years our unique solutions and timely deliverance have made several existing clients to renew their contracts. Now, Lets Nurture is planning to integrate healthcare, sports and apple watch apps to provide their users enhance featured app.


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