Facebook Instant Article development – Platform where bloggers meet

Facebook Instant Article is the development for publishers by Facebook to help their readers to load the full client faster from the link within facebook app. People browsing Facebook in its mobile app can see the entire article with formatting very similar to that on the publisher’s website.
Instant Article Development is a new way for publishers to create fast and interactive articles for their readers on Facebook App.
What is Facebook Instant Article?

The fundamental problem was the reason for the creation of Facebook article was snapshot of slow loading pages in the mobile web. There are many pages followed by users in Facebook so they can stay connected to their favorite brands, teams, celebrities, bands, etc.

All these sites offer different types of content, such as pictures, videos, stories, etc.While Facebook had reached the video data using low definition it was time to do something with content based on history. Therefore, if a publisher has put your articles or stories for Facebook instant article development and its elements, users who read facebook through mobile applications will be able to see the entire article with-in Facebook mobile application also similar format to that found on the website of the publisher.

How does it work ?

To get your content articles published in the first instant that Facebook requires is a Facebook page for your company / brand. And then get a custom software that connects your web / blog CMS (content management) with Facebook Articles site instantly.Therefore, all that is posted on their website or blog can easily publish on Facebook and also with the support of HTML5 that allows its followers to connect quickly with your articles.

 LetsNurture developes Instant Article for you such that it integrate easily with your existing CMS, so that you can post your article on facebook with no efforts and get faster loading of that content.  

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