LetsNurture moves ahead with Integrated Solutions for Web & Mobile

Earlier only handful of Apps such as HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora and others were allowed on the platform. And streaming had initial support to some of Google’s own Apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Chrome (browser). What the developers had was a preview SDK to play around with Chromecast support. But the release of Google Cast SDK will definitely open the floodgates for more Chromecast Apps development and existing Apps having support for Chromecast.

Chromecast App Development

With the development of Chromecast App, LetsNurture has showed its foothold for developing latest technologies and give a tough competition to the existing market of Web & Mobile Development Services.

They have begun extensive work on technologies using Python codes, that provides a grand aid to system administrators by doing numerous administrative tasks automatically. Python scripts give you a thought to perform system administration tasks using Python Programming.

Python is known for its swift turnaround time during development of an application, therefore, it helps in minimizing time and cost to market. Our experience and expertise in Python programming gained by serving many clients around the world have enabled us to be well-suited in developing customized Python based applications according to the  business needs.


AMP is innovation due to the slow loading of web pages. In the world where everything is matter of speed and instant is assumed ideal, the bounce rate on pages that take more than 10 seconds have a major chance to be bounced off.  AMP is the solution to that loading speed. Its rapidness is the compelling factor for the users to engage with the content more often.


Facebook has already come up with  API for the developers to help the industry at large so that every company just like their facebook page can have Messenger Chatbot which can help users to do most of the things like ordering, knowing order status, call of action, etc. Technically these Chatbots could replace 1800 numbers (helpline) and with already 900 million active users on Messenger, it will be an advantage to the Companies to cater their customers right thru chatbots.

The best part of Facebook Instant Articles is that it doesn’t interfere with the advertising revenue that one gets on page views. Facebook gives full authority to the publisher to get advertisers and generate revenue directly for the page space. But if a publisher doesn’t want to get involved with handling of advertisers then also facebook supports the publisher and gets advertisement on the page for a small commission.


To get your content published under Facebook Instant Article development the first thing required is a facebook page for your company/brand. And then get a customised software that connects your website/blog CMS (content management system) with the Facebook Instant Articles.

CMS development.png
Market is choosing to support the lightening fast landing pages that can enhance user interaction and drop the bounce rate.  With all these new developments LetsNurture is staking its bet on the top position of IT Solutions provider in mid-level segment.

Chromecast Apps development

API for the developers

Instant Article development

CMS (content management system)


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